SmarTECHS provides a holistic and integrated
solution making technician safer, faster, smarter

Everything your technician will ever need in the field





Remote Export

Our Remote Expert Solution for technicians to get help anytime, anywhere.
Remote support teams can see what the technician sees, allowing them to help troubleshoot and provide quick and efficient help. This increases productivity for workers and enables them to get the most out of your knowledge base.
Delight your clients with OneClick – ‘See What I See’ service tech. Improve your client satisfaction, improve up time, and stay closer and connected with your client operation.

Document Visualization

ATLAS provides your technicians and frontline workers all the documents they need, when they need it, to get the job done right the first time.

Digitize work process in minutes

Powerful workflow management system to digitize your process in minutes. No programming skills required!
Customize your procedure for a specific client and situation on the go, and track your technician progress in the field.
Generate detailed report from the field about such as time per procedure, productive time per technician, technician utilization, service time.

Industrial IoT

Connect all existing systems to a unified ecosystem with SmarTECHS ultra-secured and scalable IoT platform.
Organize, categorize and distribute digital content to connected devices such as mobile, and wearable tech. Assess various delivery factors and environmental conditions, and enable big data analytics. SIGHT brings everything together for you in one seamless, secure platform.

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