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Our background is in field operations. We understand your world, change management, and the need for end-user acceptance. We can be on your side to identify the best opportunities and scenarios to roll out SmarTECHS in your operation.

SmarTECHS Consulting Services
SmarTECHS Code Script

Software Customization

We can deploy an out-of-the-box solution designed for your industry, as well as configure and customize it to answer your specific need, look, and feel.

Solution Deployment

Your success is our success. We stand ready to provide solution deployment service as you may need. Our typical solution deployment program includes a pilot phase and a ramp-up phase. We will help you define the baseline and ensure you are achieving your objectives.


Solution Support

As part of corporate roll out, we provide training in our global HQ outside of Philaldelphia, and different levels of customer support. We also provide remote trouble shooting and assistance to optimize uptime and productivity for our clients.

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