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Smart Invest Ventures Life’s A Pitch and The Delta Accelerator Competition

SmarTECHS is excited to participate in Smart Invest Ventures’  Life’s a Pitch and Delta Accelerator competition in November 2018. These events focus on startups with global ambitions. It will be delivered with the support of Ciright. The event location is Ciright’s office located in West Conshohocken, PA.


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Life’s a Pitch and The Delta Accelerator aims to work with entrepreneurial teams that have already raised a minimum of $500k in seed. Eligible participants should also have strong early customers and see Europe as a market for growth and expansion. The Delta Program helps these entrepreneurs prepare for that investment in Europe.

Participants are chosen based on large array of criteria. As previously mentioned, they must have a $500k seed investment, strong early customers, and a desire to expand in Europe. Additionally, they are qualified based on technical validation and the ability of their team to deliver their vision. Participants must also be looking for series A growth capital to scale their business as this is a segment of the accelerator.

Smart Invest Ventures describes their goal and vision as:

“The delta accelerator inspires startups towards global vision preparing them for achieving early angel and seed round funding.

Our mentor and advisory team provide an intensive nine-day program covering vision, team, proposition, market, business model, investor deals and pitching.”

Smart Invest Ventures also host a variety of opportunities for both startups and investors.

Smart Invest Ventures Pathfinder for Startups

Pathfinder is Smart Invest Ventures program for existing companies. A business can be considered existing when they have been operating for more than three years. Additionally, they must have established a product or service with a user base withing a specific geography. Pathfinder businesses typically come in with a turnover exceeding 3 million dollars. Pathfinder brings high potential businesses from local to global markets.

Smart Invest Ventures Tools for Success

While Smart Invest Ventures has different programs for businesses, they use the same general tools to promote success. As taken from their website:

  • Clinics and Workshops
    following the awareness, assessment and action learning model
  • Ongoing daily Mentoring assignments and feedback
    for next steps
  • Action plans
    Linked to Active Learning / Assignments derived from mentoring and advice sessions
  • Individual Work
    Linked to Individualized Business Progression Plans
  • Guest Speakers
    Success Cases – “I did it, you can too & this is how”
  • Case Studies
    Peer Group Learning Exercise
  • Expert Inputs
    Experts in Core Fields
  • Mentoring
    Group and Individual Support provided each day

Visit Smart Invest Ventures to learn more about their programs for both startups and investors.


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