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Practical Augmented Reality for Field Operations: Our Story

At SmarTECHS we empower field technicians and management with practical augmented reality for industry and field operations. Our solution allows techs to work safer, faster, and smarter. We also give management a deeper understanding of their field operations. See our story and how we developed our augmented reality solution to ease your biggest pain points with end-user acceptance in mind.

Building Our Team of Industry Leaders

SmarTECHS industrial augmented reality solution is the practical solution for field operations. With decades of operations experience, our solution is built with important pain points, implementation, and end-user acceptance in mind.

It was January of 2018 that SmarTECHS began our quest to bring field operations into the future. We started with a vision of empowering field technicians and management with the tools to succeed. To us, this meant two things. We would have to provide knowledge in the field while creating knowledge of the field.

Our innovative and industry changing approach to this solution quickly drew attention. Within three weeks of our inception, we raised $300K of seed funding from an angel investor.  

Ciright Sytems Inc logo - Ciright is SmarTECHS chosen technology partner due to their expertise and their consistent drive to stay ahead of the technological curve.

In the same month SmarTECHS partnered with Ciright Systems, a leader in IoT. Ciright has been a technological leader in the mobile app space since the 90s. They have focused on building scalable and flexible solutions to eliminate pen and paper operations. Ciright has been at the forefront of enterprise mobility, connectivity, IoT, mobile apps, and location services. They have repeatedly positioned themselves to create solutions before they become industry norms.

Together, we developed a fully integrated solution that fit our vision. Technicians could now receive context relevant content in the field. Now, management could capture and make sense of big data. Most important of all was our focus on simplicity. Our decades of experience in field operations told us to always put the end-user at the forefront of our solutions. Therefore, we developed a solution for field technicians by field technicians.  That’s why we chose RealWear’s HMT-1 as our wearable solution.

Pennovation Works, New Advisers, and More

In March we opened our first official office at the Pennovation Center in Philadelphia. These state-of-the-art offices, labs, and production spaces are the creation of The University of Pennsylvania. The University of Pennsylvania’s Pennovation Works supports intellectual and entrepreneurial initiatives. It aims to support advancing knowledge and generating economic development in the area. The Pennovation Center itself acts as a business incubator with a collaborative environment. It spans across academics, entrepreneurship, technology, and art.

In addition to SmarTECHS and Ciright leadership, SmarTECHS has gained two additional advisers.

In April, Johnathan Glass become a SmarTECHS advisor. Johnathan brings twenty-five (25) years of corporate expertise from GE, utilities, and venture capital.

Next, Robert Molsbergen became a SmarTECHS advisor in June. He brings a focused three decades of expertise to the team. Robert has extensive experience in industrial applications for aerospace.

More recently, we have opened our second office in Conshoocken, PA and officially made our vision into reality with our product launch.

OurVision Made Real with Industrial AR

SmarTECHS RealWear HTM 1 wearable computer - a rugged and versatile head mounted and voice driven wearable built specifically for industry.

With a practical augmented reality solution fully developed and made to work on RealWear’s HMT-1, we have made our vision a reality. Now, we are beginning to change the industry.

SmarTECHS empowers technicians to work safer, faster, and smarter thanks to:

  • Remote Expert Capabilities
  • Context Relevant Document Visualization
  • Process Digitization
  • Rugged Hands-free Wearable Computing

SmarTECHS empowers management by turning field operations from a mystery into a field of opportunity with:

  • IoT Big Data Capture
  • Job Timestamps, GPS, Altitude Information
  • Increased Compliance
  • Improved Documentation

So how do we accomplish this? Let’s look at the specifics.


Practical augmented reality starts with the right hardware for the job. As we’ve mentioned before – we use RealWear’s HMT-1 as our hardware solution. The HMT-1 is built specifically for industrial use. It is hands-free and voice-controlled. This lets field workers to continue to operate in any situation. This keeps technicians focused and productive.     

But what really makes the HMT-1 perfect for industrial use? Aside from being 100% hands free, the HMT-1 is built for the field and factory. That means this rugged wearable has powerful audio capabilities. This includes compatibility with hearing protection. So, when a job site is loud you should be able to wear your hearing protection and while still being able to drive this voice-activated machine. Thus, the HMT-1 has unmatched noise cancellation capabilities built-in. The HMT-1 operates accurately with up to 95 dB of environmental noise.

The HMT-1 is designed specifically to keep technicians’ eyes up and focused on the job. This allows them to retain their situational awareness.  This rugged wearable can also survive the toughest job sites. The HMT-1 is waterproof, dust tight, and can survive two (2) meter drops onto concrete from every angle.


With the HMT-1 as our base, we have built our software with four (4) key components. Together, these components form a holistic and practical augmented reality solution. 





Peer is our remote expert solution for technicians to get help anytime, anywhere. With peer you can have your best technician on every job. Remote experts can see what the technician sees. They can also interact with their field of view, upload, and interact with documents. This allows the remote expert to troubleshoot and provide quick, clear, and effective help to those in the field.


ATLAS - SmarTECHS document visualization and process digitization.


Atlas is our document visualization solution which provides your technicians information in the field. Now your technicians can get the context-relevant documents they need, when they need it. Now they can get the job done right the first time, every time.




Flow is our simple process digitization solution. Finally, get rid of your paper instructions and have them all stored securely in the cloud – readily at the disposal of your employees. Now you can customize procedures for specific clients and situations easily and on the go. Track your technicians progress in the field and generate detailed reports. Gain access to time per procedure, productive time per technician, technician utilization, service time, and more.


SIGHT - SmarTECHS integrated IoT solution.


Sight is how we connect all of your existing systems into a unified ecosystem. This is our industrial IoT platform that is ultra-secured and scalable. Organize, categorize, and distribute digital content to connected devices and wearable tech. Assess delivery factors, environmental conditions, and harness the power of big data analytics.



Stepping into the future can be scary. That’s why we at SmarTECHS aim to make your transition to digital transformation and industry 4.0 as simple as possible.

Our background is in field operations and we understand your world. SmarTECHS provides consulting services to identify the best opportunities and scenarios to roll out the SmarTECHS solution in your operation.

But we know everyone operates a little differently. So, we aim to accommodate those differences. W can deploy an out-of-the-box solution designated for your specific industry and then configure and customize it to answer your specific needs, look, and, feel.

What about actually deploying our solution? We provide solution deployment service as you need it. We’ll support you in the pilot phase and as you ramp-up to bring the solution across your organization. Let us help you meet your objectives.

But we don’t want to make you reliant on us to succeed. Let us empower you through our solution support. This includes training, customer support, and remote assistance aimed to help you optimize up-time and productivity.


Learn more about how we can help redefine how you do business – trust us, you’ll wish you had done it sooner.


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