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Bringing cynical realism to the AR market

AREA SmarTECHS Blog Article Draft #2 – 12 February 2020 SmarTECHS: Empowering Field Technicians for Digital Transformation New AREA member SmarTECHS occupies a unique space in the AR ecosystem as a software publisher of connected workspaces for industrials workers and users of industrial equipment. With the stated mission to “bring dignity and meaning to industrial […]

Usine IO – Industry Accelerator

Congratulations to SmarTECHS for completing Usine IO – Industry 4.0 accelerator! This was a unique experience to work alongside Fortune 500 to developing breakthrough technology to improve productivity, safety, and compliance. Today, SmarTECHS is recognized as the practical, secure, and scalable solutions to empower technicians in the field with hands-free heads up display Learn how […]

Segula Technologies Visit

Clients working in the most complex environments leverage SmarTECHS practical, secured and scalable solution to empower technician delivering improvement in safety, compliance and productivity. Typical business case shows: Up to 30% improvement in productivity 80% improvement in 1st time fix rate 80% reduction in error

Aerospace & Defence Convention

Excellent opportunity to communicate, exchange and demonstrate SmarTECHS/Nicomatic/ECA technology specially developed for Aerospace & Defence, here with our partner Airbus Helicopters

Commercial HVAC combats complexity with 3 tier SmarTECHS deployment

If you’ve been to Philadelphia recently, odds are you’ve spotted the new Comcast Technology Center, the 9th tallest building in the U.S. and the greenest building in the city. A large commercial HVAC company is proud to have provided their expertise to this fully integrated and connected smart building. Find out how a large commercial HVAC company is leveraging SmarTECHS hands free augmented reality solutions…

PACT Phorum 2019

Congratulations to SmarTECHS for finishing 2nd on their first PHORUM Demo Pit Competition. With over 70 Pre-qualified companies focused with AI, Machine Learning, other AR solutions – the contest was incredibly challenging. By delivering the most practical, secure and scalable solution, SmarTECHS has developed a pipe line of fortune 500 companies in a matter of a few months. […]