Intelligent assistance of
industrial workers

Ground zero for business continuity and
mission-critical operations

Mission-critical jobs that
must be done

Change the game with

Compounding continuous cost reductions

Connected Workspaces for
Industrial Workers and Blended Crews

Change the game, how?

  • What to cut or buy: Decision matrix
  • How much, who & how fast: Operating plans
  • Who to drop: Vendor consolidation plans
  • Minimize disruption: Change management
Find your answers in the SmarTECHS Game-changer Playbook


the 4.0 future

Land mines & toxic dumps

See how the Game-changer Playbook can steer you clear

  • Decision matrix
  • Operating plans & business case
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Change management

Ready-to-customize templates, live Q&A, curated insights, webinars, and lots more

Get my Game-changer Playbook and we’ll work the problem together

Transformational Leader

As an operational executive, I have delivered over $2B in business value.


I’ve worked the problem through three recessions and found 30% cost reductions where most failed.


I’ve suffered using yesterday’s technology to solve complex industrial problems My teams have bought more than $200 million of technologies.


That makes us a pretty good partner. NEXT STEPS

Next Steps:

Simple, effective & proven

1/Executive Briefing

1/ Executive Briefing

Seize the day. Get crucial insights into SmarTECHS Intelligent Assistance capabilities. Discover which use cases will have the shortest time-to-value cycles. Prioritize which four innovation accounting metrics to use.

2/Technology Assessment

2/ Technology Assessment

Take the shot. Select a facilitated or DIY deep dive. Map your requirements to capabilities of the SmarTECHS IA Suite. Configure no code workspaces. Feel the power of same-day build on accounting metrics to use.

3/Production Trial

3/ Production Trial

Colonize the future. Define your testable hypothesis. Establish uncontestable baselines. Validate mission-critical jobs to be done with real users. Assemble business-case performance data. Fast-track your cybersafety and compliance. Outsource or insource transmediation of legacy content, forms and apps into adaptive web applications.

4/Value Scaling

4/ Value Scaling

Earn your seat at the table. Provision Connected Workspaces as a managed service. Scale across your global supply chains. Satisfy sovereign data-never-leaves-the-county policies. Wow the board with real-time business-case performance ... by region, line of business, product, customer account, plant or equipment or skid.

Just do it:
What’s the worst that could happen?

Speak with an expert

Discuss your options and next steps with one of our experts about how SmarTECHS can assist you and your organization

Request a guided tour

See for yourself in either a self-directed or facilitated tour of selected use cases and industry workspaces

Schedule a briefing

Tailor your own onsite briefing by the SmarTECHS team. Get a fair assessment of your highest value / shortest-time-to-value uses case, current capabilities and potential gaps, and next step options

SmarTECHS Intelligent Assistance

Industrial Jobs to Be Done
on Head-mounted Edge Computers

Ruggedized for use in dangerous environments
Hands-free voice interface and SafeSight heads-up display
Adaptive workspaces for each worker, job site, work order, and machine